Management of Human Talent and Well-being

We help make your company a better place to work

  • Human Talent Consulting.

    Human and Organizational Development.

    Together with our clients, we design methodologies focused on their needs, in order to improve the efficiency of people and the organization, and thus facilitate the implementation and achievement of strategic objectives.

    For this we have the following capabilities:

    1. Processes of Transformation and Consolidation of the Corporate Culture.
    2. Change Management Processes
    3. Processes of Development and Strengthening of Leadership Competencies - Executive Coaching and Neurocoaching (AONC Methodology)
    4. Competency Management Processes
    5. Well-being improvement programs
  • Training and Development

    Our training and development processes are built according to the requirements of our clients. We align training and skills development with the objectives of the Organization.

  • The programs are designed to close gaps in the following areas:

    1. Strategic Management of Human Talent.
    2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence
    3. Training in Competences (Assessment, Competency Models, Evaluation)
    4. Neurohappiness
    5. Neuromission
    6. Strategy and Strategic Planning
    7. Entrepreneurship
    8. Neurosciences applied to sport*
  • Diagnosis and Evaluation

    We promote with our clients the development of their own measurement instruments that adjust to the characteristics of the organization. For this we use mixed methodologies that allow an approach to the organizational reality and we advise on intervention plans and design of management indicators..

  • The programs are designed to close gaps in the following areas:

    1. Corporate Culture Diagnosis
    2. Measuring Organizational Climate
    3. Measurement of Happiness or Organizational Well-being.